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Hokushu signature
Japanese Characters:
Hokushu kanji
Shunkô (c. 1802-18; possibly used as a poet from 1806); Shunkôsai (name change cited on a print from 9/1811, derived from his teacher Shôkôsai Hanbei); Shunkôsai Hokushû (1818-32); Sekkatei Hokushû (1819).
Active circa 1802-1832
Yoshinoyama (created in 1818, possibly modeled after the Fujinoyama seal of the Edo master Katsushika Hokusai); several variants reading Hokushû (see example at far left); Shun (see small detail of seal, below right)


Hokushu seal 2Shunkôsai Hokushû (春好齋北洲): Personal name Shima Jinsen; pupil of Shôkôsai Hanbei; briefly associated with the Edo master Katsushika Hokusai during a visit to Osaka in 1818 (cited as a copyist-pupil of Hokusai in Hokusai gashiki ["Hokusai's painting style"], 1819); listed in first position as an actor portraitist on the single-sheet broadside Naniwa shoryû gajin meika annai ("Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka") circa 1831, where his Osaka address is said to be Ishiyabashi Higashizume; said to be a personal fan of the actor Nakamura Utaemon III.

Arguably the most important print artist in Osaka during the 1810s-20s, designing many printed masterpieces; influenced by the Edo master Katsushika Hokusai (Keikô Fujida of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamaguchi City, identifies the shape of feet and wrinkled garment lines as being particulary derived from Hokusai); credited with establishing the mature Osaka style in the ôban format; widely influential through his printmaking and teaching.

Pupils include

  • Baien
  • Shun'yôsai Hokkei
  • Shunbaisai Hokuei
  • Hokumei (北明) [not the same as Hokuei's pupil of that name, with the second character written differently: 北溟]
  • Shungyôsai Hokusei
  • Shunchôsai Hokushô
  • hori Kasuke [cited as a pupil on a print from 1822, but far more celebrated as a block cutter]
  • Shunchô
  • Shunkei (act. c. 1820)
  • Shunkin
  • Shunkyo
  • Gatôken Shunshi
  • Seiyôsai Shunshi
  • Shunshin
  • Shunsho [Shunshosai Hokuchô]
  • Shunsho [Shun'yô]
  • Hokushinsai Shunzan
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