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Kunihiro signature
Japanese Characters:
Ganjôsai Kunihiro (1821-35); Kônantei Kunihiro (1823); Sanshôtei Kunihiro also named Ganjôsai Kunihiro in a list of artist names on a broadsheet circa 1831– see Comments.
Active circa 1813-1841
Kunihiro (see seal, below right, hand-stamped over lower part of a signature)

Kunihiro sealSurnames Takigawa (1823-26), Utagawa (1830), Tenmaya (the latter cited in a novel from 1835; might have had an unusually close relationship with the publisher Tenmaya Tenki, with whom he published nearly all his prints after 1816; possibly even synonymous with Tenmaya); possibly associated briefly with Utagawa Toyokuni I; listed as an actor portraitist on the single-sheet broadside Naniwa shoryû gajin meika annai ("Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka") circa 1831, where he is identified as Ganjôsai Kunihiro and his Osaka address as Ebisubashi itchô kita ('one block north of Ebisubashi').

Pupils included Kunishige (his most important follower; cited as a pupil on a print dated 3/1822; later called Ryûsai Shigeharu); Kunihira; Kuniharu(?); Kuninaga; Kunimasu; Gyokuyotei Kunihiro(?).

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