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Shokosai signature
Japanese Characters:
Shokosai kanji
Shôkô (see signature at left); Shôkôsai; Shôkôsai Hanbei
Active circa 1795-1809
unread at left HANBEI (?)


Personal name Hanbei; pupil of Ryukôsai (recorded on a print dated 1798; also cited as a pupil in Denki sakusho (1843) by the playwright Nishizawa Ippô); Osaka address Shimanouchi, Shimizumachi (near an entertainment district south of the Yodo River); composed poems for his own works and those of others; closely associated with the theater (his devotion cited in the aforementioned Denki sakusho, and one of his literary pseudonyms was Gijokojin, "Theater lover"); other noms de plume were Naniwa gako ("Artist of Osaka") and Eirakujin ("One who likes to compose poems").

Important print designer of the early period; worked mostly in the hosoban format, but also produced the earliest known chûban in the mature Osaka style (prints dated to 9/1799), and a small number of much admired illustrated books; one surimono is known; few works have survived (single sheets amount to perhaps as few as 20-25 designs), and any work by the artist is rarely encountered outside of institutional collections.

Pupils included Yuko; Roko; Sekkasai; Shinkô; Hokushû.

See RSS in the Bibliography.

There are currently no prints by Shôkôsai in the Gallery.    

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