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James Michener: Japanese Prints From the Early Masters to the Modern

Michener, J., Japanese Prints From the Early Masters to the Modern
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N/A (book)
Charles Tuttle Co., New York
1959 (Eighth printing 1975)
(H x W)
Folio format (fo)
31.3 x 23.7 cm
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This survey of ukiyo-e and modern prints is one of the most widely read books on the subject in English.

As the book jacket states, "In James A. Michener the Japanese print has found its ideal commentator. Combining the finished literary style of an outstanding novelist with a mature knowledge of his subject, he is able to bring this great art form to life.... The book has many other unique features. So far as consonant with his aim of presenting a full survey, Mr. Michener has illustrated the book with lesser-known masterpieces rather than with those few prints that have been reproduced almost ad nauseam. Unlike earlier books, this does not stop with the past century, but brings the subject completely up to date, introducing in the modern Japanese print, some of the most exciting art being created in Japan — and in the world — today.... The final section of the book contains authoritative notes concerning each print, prepared by Richard Lane...."

One might quibble with Michener's adherence to the old guard dismissal of most nineteenth-century ukiyo-e (except, of course, for Hokusai and Hiroshige), and we are (not surprisingly) disappointed that Osaka prints are ignored, but such a bias was par for the course among writers of Michener's generation and earlier. Nevertheless, this is an eminently readable and useful compendium featuring some of the finest works from the celebrated James A. Michener collection, now housed at the Honolulu Academy of Art.


Rutland, VT (1959; eighth printing, 1975), like new; hardcover (beige cloth with decorative silk[?] panel of a detail from the dust-jacket cover); Fine condition with very good dust jacket covered with a clear-plastic archival protector; illustrated throughout in black-and-white and color, with 257 plates, 57 in color; 287pp.; ISBN 0-8048-0314-5; out of print.

Note: The archival clear plastic dust jacket protector caused reflections during photography. The jacket is not faded, creased, or folded, but is in very good condition.