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Archive: Bruce Coats: Chikanobu: Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints

Bruce Coats: Chikanobu: Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints
N/A (book)
N/A (book)
Crown Publishers, New York
2006 (first printing)
(H x W)
Square quarto format
29.2 x 29.2 cm
N/A (book)
Excellent (NEW unopened with original shrink wrap)
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This is the first monograph in English on the artist Yôshû Chikanobu (1838-1912).

As the book jacket states, "Author Bruce A. Coats presents a detailed overview of Chikanobu's life and works, placed within the historical and artistic context of Meiji Japan, when its rapid modernization and westernization created an interest for 'old' Japan among the Japanese and when the arts underwent significant changes as well.... The images are accompanie by elaborate descriptions and in a number of cases compared with similar designs from other artists.... Two of Chikanobu's wel know series of 50 prints each, Snow, Moon, Flowers (Setsugekka) and Eastern Brocades: Day and Night Compared (Azuma nishiki chûya kurabe) are illustrated in their entirety. And with over 2670 full color illustrations, Chikanobu ... truly displays the richness of the intense Meiji print palette."


Scripps College (Claremont, CA) and Hotei Publishing (Leiden, The Netherlands); 2006 (first printing); hardcover (purple cloth); new (unopened with original shrink wrap); illustrated throughout in color; Index; Select Bibliography; 208pp.; ISBN 907-48-22-886.

Note: The photos of interior pages shown above were taken from another copy of the book; the copy for sale is new and is still enclosed in its original shrink wrap.