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Archive: Henmi Takashi (逸見享)

Hongô Motomachi Kôen (Motomachi Park in Hongô, from the series Shin Tokyo hyakkei
Henmi Takashi (逸見享) in red at lower left corner
No seals
Known to be Nakajima Jûtarô of the Sôsaku Hanga Club
(H x W)
Chûban nishiki-e
26.0 x 20.0 cm
Very good
Very good color and condition (unbacked; pin holes in upper corners)
Price (USD/¥):

Inquiry: HEN01 


Henmi Takashi (逸見享; 1895-1944), born in Nakayama, graduated from the Tokyo Municipal Higher Crafts School. He made a living as an accountant. His printmaking began around 1915 after seeing a posthumous exhibition of prints by Tanaka Kyôkichi (1892-1915). Thereafter Henmi was a very active printmaker, showing his work as early as 1919 when he exhibited with the first Nihon Sôsaku Hanga Kyôkai (Japan Creative Print Association). He became a member of that organization, as well as a founding member of Nihon Hanga Kyôkai (Japan Print Association). He contributed to such magazines as Shi to hanga (Poetry and Prints, 1922-c.1925), Kasuri (Ikat Fabric, 1934-36), Shosô (Window of Writing, 1935-1944), Kaze (Wind, 1927-28), and, as demonstrated by our copy of Henmi's design, Shin Tokyo hyakkei (One hundred views of New Tokyo: 新東京百景).

Henmi contributed 13 designs to Shin Tokyo hyakkei (100 views of new Tokyo: 新東京百景). The series was published on a subscription basis* by the Takujô group through Nakajima Jûtarô of the Sôsaku Hanga Club. All the artists represented in the series were members of Nihon Sôsaku Hanga Kyôkai (Japan Creative Print Association, est. 1918) as well as founding members of Nihon Hanga Kyôkai (Japan Print Association, 1931): Fujimori Shizuo (藤森静雄; 1891-1943), Fukazawa Sakuichi (深沢索一; 1896-1947), Henmi Takashi (逸見享; 1895-1944), Hiratsuka Un'ichi (平塚運一; 1895-1997), Kawakami Sumio (川上澄生; 1895-1972), Maekawa Senpan (前川千帆; 1885-1977), Onchi Kôshirô (恩地孝四郎; 1891-1955), Shimozawa Kihachirô (下澤木鉢郎; 1901-1984), and Suwa Kaneori (諏訪兼紀; 1897-1932).**


Henmi's print Hongô Motomachi Kôen (Motomachi Park in Hongô: 本郷元町公園) is design no. 47 from the series (there were 50 published sets).

References: *James Austin: Ukiyo-e Art A Journal of the Japan Ukiyo-e Society, No. 14, 1966; **Merritt and Yamada: Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints, 1900-1975 (University of Hawaii Press, 1992), pp. 267-270