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Archive: Hokuei (北英)

Arashi Rikan II as Oguri Hangan in Hime kurabe futaba ezôshi ("Picture-book comparison of twin blades and the princess") at the Naka Theater, Osaka
Shunkôsai Hokuei ga
No artist seal
Honsei (Honya Seishichi: 本屋清七)
(H x W)
Deluxe ôban
38.0 x 26.3 cm
Very good
Good color; good condition (unbacked; very slight fading; two small worm tracks at upper left; very slightly trimmed at top, but quite a large sheet nevertheless). The streak of blue color above Rikan's head is due to a defect in the color block, which appears on every impression known to us. Overall, a clean, bright sheet with metallic pigments (gold-color brass)
Price (USD/¥):
Inquiry: HKE09

This dramatic portrayal is one of Hokuei's most animated single sheets. Oguri rides his black steed, Onikage, into the sea at Fujisawa (station no. 7 along the Tôkaidô) in Sagami Province, with the island of Enoshima in Sagami Bay and Mt. Fuji in the distance. Oguri was celebrated for his horsemanship; many portraits show him on Onikage, a fierce equine that could be controlled only by Oguri. (Other popular images in various media depict Oguri with his horse standing on a goban or go board). The play was one of the Oguri Hangan mono ("Oguri Hangan plays"), their plots based on various Oguri legends as well as the military chronicle Kamakura daizôshi ("Great copybook of Kamakura") concerning the master of the Hitachi Castle, Oguri Hangan no Sukeshige, and his wife Yokoyama Terute-hime. Oguri's father Oguri Mitsushige, a provincial daimyô, failed in his revolt against the ruling Ashikaga clan, whereupon father and son were forced into hiding.

デラックス大判(38.0 x 26.3 cm)