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Isshûsai KUNIKAZU (一珠齋國員)

(1R) Bandô Kamezô I as Ouchi Saemon and Onoe Kikugorô II as Ishimoto Oyumi; (2R) Jitsukawa Ensaburô I as Akizuka Narutonosuke; (3R) Fujikawa Tomokichi III as Onami; (4R) Arashi Kichisaburô III as Kosakabe Nobuhisa; (5R) Bandô Hikasaburô V as a beggar (hinin: 非人), lit., "non-person"; (6R) Arashi Rikan III as Hakata Shimazô in Keisei momochidori; Naka Theater, Osaka
Kunikazu (on bottom left sheet only)
No artist seal
No publisher's seal
(H x W)
Chûban hexaptych nishiki-e
24.8 x 105.5 cm
Excellent deluxe printing with furikake ("sprinkling" or application of powdered metallics: 振掛)
Excellent color and condition (thick paper, unbacked; a few minor marks)
Price (USD/¥):
$525 / Contact us to pay in yen (¥)

Order/Inquiry (Ref #KKZ11)


Keisei momochidori (A courtesan and a flock of plovers: けいせい百千鳥) appears to be an adaptation of Momochidori naruto no shiranami (A flock of plovers and the white waves of the whirpool: 百千鳥鳴門白浪), given that the plays share some of the same roles (e.g., Narutonosuke, Onami, Shimazô) and each uses the key term momochidori in the play titles.


This actors' tableau spread over six chûban sheets features many of the reigning stars on the Osaka stage, all posing side by side with Osaka Castle in the far distance. It would have been quite a a thrill for the avid kabuki fan to witness this scene in 1860. The design is elegantly printed with high-quality pigments and extensive metallics.

References: IKBYS-IV, no. 602; SDK, no. 45