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Hokushu signature
Japanese Characters:
Hokusho kanji
Early name Shunchô (c. early 1820s: 春頂); : Shunchôsai (from at least 1823:春頂齋)
Active circa 1822-1832
Unread (see seal at left)


Very little is known about the artist Hokushô (北松). His Osaka address was in Bakuromachi. He is cited as a portraitist in the Naniwa shoryû gajin meika annai (Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka), c. 1831.

There was another artist signing Hokushô with a different second character (北升) circa 1815-1830 (Surnames: Matsumoto, Takehara; Personal names: Nobushige, Monji). The attribution of the early name Shunchô (春蝶 , circa 1815-21) by Roger Keyes (The Theatrical World of Osaka Prints, 1973, p. 266) and some Japanese scholars is disputed by Hendrick Lühl (Schätze der Kamigata, 2013, p. 274).

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