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Kagematsu signature
Japanese Characters:
kagematsu sig
Utagawa Kagematsu (see signature at left); Ippôsai Kagematsu; Goryûtei Kagematsu
Active c. 1830s-40s


Almost nothing is known about this artist. Keyes (see p. 267 in TWOP, Bibliography) mentions an Edo artist who signed a print from 1841 as "Ukiyo-eshi Ippôsai Kagehide" and suggests that he was the same as the Edo artist Utagawa Kagematsu (active 1830s-40s). If this is the case, Kagematsu must have, at some point, left Edo to work in Osaka.

No pupils have been confirmed, but it is possible that Sadakage and Sadamasu (Kunimasu) studied with Kagematsu.

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