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Nobukatsu sig pic
Japanese Characters:
Nobukatsu signature
Ryûkyôtei Shigenao (until 9/1829); Nobukatsu (see signature at left); Tessai Nobukatsu
Active circa 1824-41
Utagawa (see signature at left)


Surnames: Yanagawa (1831) and Utagawa; : Tessai (1824; also as signature in 1837); signed as Ryûkyôtei Shigenao, a pupil of Shigeharu, on a print dated 8/1829; changed from Shigenao to Nobukatsu on a print dated 9/1829; also signed as Nobukatsu, a pupil of Sadamasu, on prints dated 1/1832 and 1/1833 (see signature above); little else is known, as Nobukatsu apparently ceased print design when the Tenpô Reform edicts banned the publication of actor prints in 1842.

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