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Sadanobu II      
Sadanobu II signature  Sadanobu seal 2
Japanese Characters:
Signature kanji
Sadanobu (see signature at far left); Hasegawa Sadanobu; Konobu I*
Sadanobu in (Seal of Sadanobu; see signature at far left); Sadanobu (see signature second from left)

Surname Hasegawa; son of Hasegawa Sadanobu I.

He designed actor prints in his father's style, but also fûkeiga (landscapes) on themes such as views of Osaka and city views featuring foreigners; also contributed nishiki-e (color print) supplements for Osaka newspapers, including Yûbin hôchi shinbun (Postal News); wrote and illustrated stories for Osaka nichnichi shinbunshi (Osaka Daily News).

* Note on the Konobu geimei: Beginning with Sadanobu II, artists of the Hasegawa lineage all used the geimei Konobu, as follows:

  • Sadanobu II started as Konobu I, working in a style much like his father, Sadanobu I.
  • Konobu II, younger brother of Konobu I, designed very few works and died in 1886 at age 20, never taking the Sadanobu geimei.
  • Sadanobu III (1881-1963) began as Konobu III, principally in the shin hanga manner (including many silk paintings of maiko).
  • Sadanobu IV (1914-1999), first son of Sadanobu III, originally Hasegawa Nobuhiro, then Konobu IV, continuing in the shin hanga-style.
  • Konobu V (born 1946), daughter of Sadanobu IV, worked as Konobu V until she ascended to the Sadanobu geimei in 2003.
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