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Osaka prints and other Japanese works of art

We specialize in kamigata-e, original eighteenth to twentieth century Japanese woodblock prints from Osaka and the surrounding region. We also offer nineteenth-century Edo prints and twentieth-century art works from Osaka, Tokyo, and other regions of the world. Our inventory is comprehensive and always changing, with a broad range of artists and prices.

Gallery: Our Sales Gallery is arranged by genre and artist. Each print is accompanied by a full description.

Articles and More: We offer Articles on topics related to Osaka prints, many covering aspects of Japanese printmaking that have been overlooked in the standard literature. Essays on other topics can be found at Varia. We also maintain an Archive of the information pages for all sold prints. An extensive Glossary, artists' Biographies, and detailed Bibliography serve as additional resources.

Contacts: You may write to us or E-mail us with your questions or requests to purchase Osaka prints, drawings, and paintings — see Contact Us and Conditions of Sale.

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Video: Offers an introduction to the art of kamigata-e (Osaka video).


Fall Sale 2022


With the hope that pandemic woes are largely behind us, we are happy to announce an autumn update to our website, one that is full of richness and rarities.

In the main (Osaka print) section, please note the unusually large array of arresting compositions in the chûban format. They are  by a variety of artists (not simply Hirosada) and include an intact pentaptych. 

Fine examples from the ôban period are also plentiful, with two bijin prints among a host of rarely encountered images by Nagahide, Hokushu, Yoshikuni, Hokuei … and four artists whose names all begin with "Sada." In all cases, the prints boast excellent condition, or nearly so, and all are priced well under $1,000.

In the area of 20th century, sôsaku prints, Kawanishi Hide fans will find three prewar designs, and admirers of Azechi Umetaro can savor the first edition of an iconic mountain-scape. Rounding out that section, please have a look at the works by Sekino, Tokuriki, Nakagawa Kazumasa, plus a highly unusual 1930s war image by Igawa Sengai.

We hope there is something of interest to you in this varied selection. As always, all items are thoroughly described, but feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

A note on the photography: We changed our camera and lighting system for this update and the results proved less than sterling. Many of the photos give the impression of print surfaces being rough or soiled, which is not at all accurate. Please take this into account, and trust instead our written condition reports. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Peter Ujlaki
John Fiorillo

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Mailing List: If you would like to be informed directly about our updates, please contact us at Osaka Prints Update.


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